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About Valley Community Patrol

About Our Company

  • Founded : 2009
  • Security License # : 1163
  • Protection Level : Armed & Unarmed

At Valley Community Patrol, we've been providing several types of security services including, School Patrol, Risk Management, Event Security, HUD properties, vacant properties, residential properties, construction site security with both armed and unarmed guards, depending on the needs of our clients. Every security guard that we hire has to pass a full background check to ensure that they are trustworthy. Each officer must also be licensed through the State of Washington, and must be able to pass a drug screening.

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We are here to provide you an honest evaluation of your security opportunities. We will quickly eradicate your current security liabilities and assist you in creating a plan of, pro-active action to prevent and sustain issues from arising in the future.


Because we are a local service we have the unique advantage to be able to tailor the the needs of the clients security liability. We are familiar with the local law enforcement agencies, communities, neighborhoods and the unique environment that Western Washington has to offer.